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founder of @Yourmomshoroscope // Astrologer, Yoga Teacher, Intuitive Coach, PR Queen, & Meme Magician

~ Hi, I’m Julia

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Bringing the Stars to You

Julia is an Astrologer, Content Creator, & Psychic-Intuitive. She is the creator behind the popular astrology meme account @yourmomshoroscope, which combines humor + spirituality.

Julia is known for the bridges she builds between intuition and reality. Through Astrology, Yoga, & Intuitive Guidance she carves words and maps that help people realign, reconnect, and reimagine their lives. By blending spiritual curiosity, education, and humor - Julia invites others to step deeper into the world, realities, and communities around them.

Her 1 on 1 astrology readings invite others to step into alignment by better understanding their natal chart and natural energies in a simple yet resonate way.

Growing up in a small town in Ohio, things like spirituality, astrology, and yoga were foreign languages, she often felt conflicted growing up, despite an intuitive call to do something larger.

She went to college at Kent State University to study Entrepreneurship. In college, Julia started multiple companies, became a student leader, and even hosted a comedy show, though nothing seemed to answer that intuitive knock. It wasn’t until facing depression and a series of unforeseen events that Julia finally ‘woke up.’


After reconnecting with the intuition and curiosity that she has felt as a child, she decided to finish her degree online and hopped on a plane to Asia. Where she spent the next two years backpacking through SouthEast Asia and Europe. On this journey, Julia reconnected with the part of her that had always searched for something more. Her intuition then led her to spend the next few years studying astrology, yoga, and wellness.


Julia now lives in Los Angeles, where she splits her time between being a PR director and working as an Astrologer, Yoga Teacher, and Psychic. Julia offers natal chart readings, intuitive phone calls, and private yoga lessons. Her ultimate mission is to bring the healing that she has experienced to the world around her through astrology, yoga, meditation, and humor.


Julia’s work has been featured in publications like Bustle, PopSugar, Well & Good, O Magazine, Her Campus, and Style Caster.

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“DIVINELY GUIDED W. JULIA KELLEY // Astrology, Intuitive Pings, Spiritual Work + Living Ya Best Life”

- How you can channel your intuition to receive the hits that are meant to guide you along your aligned path

- How Julia’s intuition led her from Ohio, to Asia to Los Angeles to doing this beautiful spiritual work for her career

- The biggest part of spiritual work and self-love that you may be missing…

- Why you need to look for your south node, north node and midheaven on your natal chart and what they even mean

- Why astrology isn’t deterministic and how free will comes into play in our reality”