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Taurus Full Moon Journal/Workbook

Taurus Full Moon Journal
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Taurus Full Moon Journal
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So, you know your sun sign—and maybe even your rising and moon sign—

but you’re still wondering how to fill in the entire picture of who you are. 

You may have questions like,


Where are you going?

What are your natural energies and abilities?

Where does your soul feel at home?

What is your soul’s path?

What does your career look like?

What does the next chapter of your life look like?

What does your current or future relationship hold?

How do you remove blocks in your life?

All of these answers come through in a full-natal chart reading.

In my astrology readings, I will walk you through your entire natal chart.
I will discuss your planet placements, aspects, and houses.

I will discuss the ties between the parts of you,

other people, and your life path.

I will address your specific questions about love, career, children, your Saturn return, or current transits — into the bigger picture of your chart.

I will show you how to tap into your natural gifts and align your life.

A full astrology reading is a first step into seeing the full picture of yourself.

My readings are eclectic in that they combine psychology, yogic philosophy,  and an analysis of your aura into the reading.

I am an astrologer and psychic-intuitive, thus, each reading offers education on your chart and insight into your energy.

Clients have described my readings as a window into understanding themselves better, one that they’ve been looking for their entire life but didn’t know where to find it. ~ I am here to help you find your window.

Also, after your first reading, you will receive a discount to come back for other readings <3

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About Me

Bringing the Stars to You

Julia is known for the bridges she builds between intuition and reality. Through Astrology, Yoga, & Intuitive Guidance she carves words and maps that help people realign, reconnect, and reimagine their lives. By blending spiritual curiosity, education, and humor - Julia invites others to step deeper into the world, realities, and communities around them.

Her 1 on 1 astrology readings invite others to step into alignment by better understanding their natal chart and natural energies in a simple yet resonate way.

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