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About Me

Bringing the Stars to You

Julia is known for the bridges she builds between intuition and reality. Through Astrology, Yoga, & Intuitive Guidance she carves words and maps that help people to realign, reconnect, and reimagine their lives. By blending spiritual curiosity, education, and humor - Julia invites others to step deeper into the world, realities, and communities around them.

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MY STORY: Listen to an interview with me about my story and Astrology


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Step into Alignment. 

Does your life feel out of line, but you aren’t sure why?

Do you know what is out of line, but aren’t sure how to bring it back into alignment?

Have you gone through a major life transition?

My intuitive coaching works on assessing your spiritual landscape to help you better understand the roadblocks in your life.

I will use my experience as a Certified Yoga Teacher and Astrologer throughout our sessions, though this coaching is different than an astrology reading, as it assesses your current spiritual health. Each session will begin with an analysis of a current situation or emotion in your life, and then I will provide prompts, resources, or guidance for you to navigate that situation or emotion.

Important: I am not a clinical professional and each client I take on must first be assessed to see if I am the right fit for you. If I infer that you need medical help, I will suggest that as an alternative. This coaching works best in addition to psychotherapy or counseling.


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