Detailed 1:1 Astrology Reading

Detailed 1:1 Astrology Reading

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Detailed and In-Depth Astrology reading to understand your inner map. I answer questions relating to your relationships, career, life path, sexuality, and more. I look at your personal planets as well as their relationships to the outter planets through aspects and house placements. My readings incorporate information from yoga, vedic astrology, tantra, positive psychology, and more. I also offer aura readings and tarot pulls when aligned in video calls. <3

These readings help you to get a better understanding of your inner workings and how you relate to the world and people around you.

Many people come who are totally new to astrology to get a better understanding of how it can help them. Advanced astrologer also come for new perspectives on their chart.

I am a psychic intuitive so I also offer intuitive channeling and readings for free as part of the astrology reading.

Included in the astrology reading is:

  • An hour long video or audio call (Recorded and sent to you)

  • A written explanation, chart visual, and overview of our conversation

  • Specific advice and recommendations per our conversation

  • Tarot card Pulls and Aura Reading when present

These readings can help to gain clarity on:

  • Career

  • Emotions

  • Patterns

  • Family

  • Love

  • Cautions

  • Life Path

  • Past Lives

  • + anything you ask about specifically