What Does New Moon in Leo Mean?

New Moon In Leo Horoscopes

Today on July 31, 2019 at 11:30pm EST we have a new moon in the sign of Leo. New Moons are all about new beginnings, they are always a time to start over or start fresh and clear room for new energy to come in. New moons are for setting intentions for what you want to bring into your life.


What does the New Moon in Leo mean

The new moon in Leo brings reconnection to the people, environment, and opportunities around you - as well as a realignment of your inner self.

Cancer and eclipse season was all about doing the inner work and this Leo new moon is all about the external implementation.

Leo is a sign of playfullness, confidence, and performance. This new moon gives us the confidence to move toward things we may have been scared to do before.

Specifically, now is the time to step into the public image that you have been trying to craft or cultivate.

Leo New Moon Meaning

How to set New Moon Rituals for Leo Season

All new moon rituals revolve around setting new intentions and creating space for new possibilities.

This specific New Moon in Leo offers a great time to set intentions around trying new things and ‘putting yourself out there.’

Here are some rituals you can try:

  • Journaling your intentions and meditating with them: Write down intentions that you want to set, maybe they stem from issues or realizations that came up in cancer season and mercury retrograde. Then take this piece of paper with intentions and meditate with them. Allowing the energy of each intention to resonate with you.

  • Mantra Meditation: You can also try using the intentions in a mantra meditation. This may look like saying each intention out loud 10 times, or as many or few times as needed to believe the intentions.

  • Connecting with your Body - Yoga, Bathing, Sound Bath, etc. This new moon in Leo transits the 6th house, which is all about health and environmental connection. Leo itself is a bodily sign as it is connected to physicality and attraction. This New Moon may be a great time to open up new practices for connecting with your body and environment.

  • Start your Intention: As new moons are great for setting the path for a new chapter in your life, if you have an intention that requires achieving a goal such as trying or doing something new - today is a great day to put that intention into action. For instance, one of my intentions is to tap into my songwriting and public singing, so today I posted a video signing a song I wrote! This allows me to step into the intention and bring it to life.

Overall, today we have room for a fresh start - allow yourself to illuminate

New Moon in Leo Horoscopes

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