Post-New Moon and Eclipse: Instagram Down and Why You May Be Feeling an Energy Hangover Today

Post-Eclipse Energy Hangover, Instagram Down, and Mercury Retrograde Shadow Period

So today has been a hot mess. Instagram is down and almost everyone I have talked to, even people who don’t care about astrology, woke up today feeling EXHAUSTED. I did too. After the New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse last night on July 2nd 2019, I woke up today feeling energetically drained, as if I had partied all night.


I made a video on it here,

We might be feeling this way because …

Metaphysical Workout

Last nights astrological events involved the sun and moon coming directly in line with each other in Cancer. When this happens, the feminine and masculine energies are merging or aligning. This alignment took extreme metaphysical energy and it may be affecting us physically today. People have talked of having weak stomachs and headaches.

Last night and the past few days we experienced a re-alignment, today we are experiencing the physical effects of that. Basically, it’s as if our mind, body, and soul just had an insane spiritual workout.

Now, we are sore and tired and need to rest and restore.

Furthermore, yesterday’s eclipse was in opposition with Saturn and Pluto (both in retrograde) which basically means that we didn’t only experience our own energetic transformation but we were connected to the meta transformation going on in society and the world at large right now.

But that’s not all that’s happening…

Mercury Retrograde Shadow Period

We are currently in Mercury Retrograde Shadow Period preparing for Mercury Retrograde on July 7th 2019. This means that Mercury is slowing down and preparing for Retrograde, with 4 other planets in retrograde right now, it only makes sense that this shadow period would already be effecting our technology and communication (cough INSTAGRAM DOWN.)


Honestly, with this energy hangover it is probably best that Instagram is down as it gives us time to restore.

Now is the time to DRINK WATER, SLEEP, and DREAM.


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