August 11 - August 17 Horoscope

Jupiter goes Direct, Uranus goes Retrograde, Mercury Enters Leo, Mars Enters Virgo, Aquarius Full Moon.

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Since we have a lot going on in the sky this week, I’ve decided to share it here!


This Week's Horoscope
August 11 - 17

Lot's Of Movement, Lot's of Magic, find Your Pace

This week in the sky:

We have an active week in the sky, but don't worry - it's nothing we can't handle! In fact, despite planets shifting signs, directions, and aspects - this week should feel gentle in the larger picture of everything. With Uranus going retrograde and Jupiter going direct, our progress will flow forward at a gentle pace. We also have Mercury entering Leo (as of Sunday) and Mars entering Virgo at the end of the week, both bringing a new dynamic to our communication and presence that should complement our current activities. We are being asked to slow down and work mindfully on what we want. Now is a great time to focus on how to help others, offer yourself to causes you care about, and if nothing else, don't add to any fires!




This Week's Transits:

On Sunday, August 11th

♐︎ Jupiter Goes Direct

After months of experiencing Jupiter in Retrograde, this Sunday, Jupiter went direct. As Jupiter is in it's 'home' sign of Sagittarius, it transits right now are extra prominent. This movement out of retrograde allows forward flow and progress, compared to what may have felt like delayed results or stagnated growth. The forward movement of Jupiter may also have us feeling exhausted or over-worked as the progress that we've made the past few months is now on blast. The projects we've taken on are now in full forward flow. but no urgent pressure because...

♅℞♉︎ Uranus goes Retrograde

Uranus is the only outer planet that hadn't been in retrograde the past few months. On the same day as Jupiter went direct, we experienced Uranus move retrograde. Uranus rules radical progress, rebellion, independence, and movement. Uranus also rules the nervous system and large-scale technology and society. This planet going retrograde may bring some temporary havoc to our daily lives, especially as it is occurring during a week of lots of astrological movement - including Jupiter's going direct and the full moon in Aquarius. Though, despite the negatives that are usually are associated with a planet going retrograde, this Uranus retrograde may actually be a good thing, as we may find that we have a break from the societal chaos that we have been experiencing. This time may be a chance for us to dig in deeper to what's already been going on in our society and work on solutions. This is a good time to refresh ourselves on the histories of our world and our country and understand how history can repeat itself. In your own natal chart, if pay attention to how Uranus is aspecting your personal planets, as this may signal events or surprises that may come up with regard to your personal life and society. Allow yourself to dig deep into the causes that find you or fuel you.

☿⇢♌︎ Mercury Enters Leo

With the Sun, Venus, and now Mercury in Leo - including Mars in Leo for a short spin this week before entering Virgo - we are experiencing a stellium of Leo energy this week. WIth Mercury specifically entering Leo, we will experience a bold shift in our mental landscape as we crawl out of the cancer membrane that we have been in for what seems like a lifetime! (All love to Cancer, but I think we are ready for some refreshment.) Mercury in Leo will give us a graceful fierceness in how we communicate with others. Chances are, we will find a better ability to speak our minds and voice our needs, without as much thought as to what the other person will think or feel. Of course, this isn't the time to leave empathy behind (is it ever?) but it is definitely a time to give yourself some self-service in how you are able to stand up for yourself, specifically as it relates to saying what you need - even when that means saying "no."

On Tuesday, August 13

☉♀☌ ♌︎ 
Sun conjunct Venus

Today, on Tuesday, August 13, we experience a comfortable and luscious transit, as Venus conjuncts the Sun in Leo. We have been feeling this since the beginning of the week and will feel it for the next couple of days, but it is at it's highest potency today. 

Venus represents beauty, admiration, and love, while the Sun, of course, is the core energy we experience. This binding brings a light-hearted bliss to our energy field today, it is best to spend your time enjoying your surroundings and not spending too much time overthinking or overworking. If you are feeling tense, try doing something that brings you genuine joy, like laughing with friends, laying with your lover, or running through a field of flowers (casual, right?)  With this conjunction in Leo, the beauty we feel may be complemented by anything doing with our public image. Talk about a great selfie day! 

On Thursday, August 15


♒︎ Full Moon in Aquarius - Sturgeon Moon

This Thursday we experience a full moon in Aquarius, known as the 'sturgeon' moon and as the full moon of August. This full moon closes out the chapter started at the Leo new moon. As every new moon is about bringing in and every full moon is about letting go - this full moon in Aquarius allows us to let go of past identities and associations that we have held on to. We have done a lot of work around both of these things this year. It is likely that your friend groups are changing and the way you present yourself to the world is also changing. This full moon offers a final release of old identities and perceptions that no longer fit your inner landscape. Think of this full moon as a shedding. It's okay to finally cut ties so that you can begin to form new ones with other people and associations. Some great rituals for this full moon are candle burning or - my favorite - burning incents or sage and burying the ashes in the ground or releasing in the water near you. This is a way to release your intentions and experiences into the ground and energetically accept that it will continue to evolve elsewhere but is no longer yours to carry or attach to. 

  • Who may feel it most: Everyone especially Leo, Aquarius, Aqua Moons, Taurus, and Scorpio.

On Friday, August 16


☿♌︎□♅♉︎ Mercury Square Uranus

As stated earlier, the energies of Uranus going retrograde and Mercury moving into Leo are both introduced this week. So this square may feel like a gentle push into these respective energies as they form a new dynamic. On this day, expect to feel some irritation. Specifically, as it relates to your interactions with others. Some people may be upset with you today, but it's important that you speak your mind and say what is needed to be said - even if it has been sitting in your mind for a long time. Expect others to do this as well. It's a good day to let it out. Pay extra attention to anything that is causing you physical stress or anxiety today, allow yourself to step away from situations that aren't serving you - even if you don't have a reason why -  just step away.

On Saturday, August 17


♂⇢♍︎Mars Enters Virgo

Our final transit this week, phew! This Saturday, Mars will move into Virgo. Bringing extra attention to the details of our life and drive. We may feel physically oriented to nature, which will be a great remedy for any irritation or stress we may feel. Feed your body herbs and fresh vegetables. Try not to let yourself get too caught up in details that don't matter, especially about other people. But if something has needed a critical eye, now is the time to focus on that.

and...that's it!

Just remember that whatever is going on in the sky is always a reflection, not a direction. Allow the energies to fit into your current landscape. Allow the movement to bring clarity not confusion. Astrology is a tool, not a rule. 

Flow on, Starseeds!

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