What Does Leo Season Mean? Leo Season Horoscope 2019 ♌️

All About Leo // Leo Season Horoscope 2019

As we near the end of Cancer season, everyone’s been asking when does Leo season start? 🌟

Leo season officially started on July 22nd at 10:43pm EST. Our first full day of Leo Season is the 23rd.

About the Sign Leo


Leo season start date

Leo is ruled by the sun and represented by the Lion. With the sun moving into Leo, this energy will be extra potent as the Sun is at home in Leo. This fierce sign is associated with confidence, playfullness, poise, and performance. As the sun enters Leo, we should feel a bit of ease, moving gracefully out of the inner-work that Cancer Season and Eclipse season brought.

As Cancer is all about the interior, Leo is about the exterior. Now is time to present that inner work in our outer words. Now is time to turn on Lizzo, let your hair down, and show up with confidence. Leo is an everlasting flame, always burning with consistent light. The meaning of Leo season is about letting your inner light show. It doesn’t mean you have to get on stage to show up, though you might want to, but you can simply show up and shine your light by being more present wherever you are.

This season is all about showing up. We can learn a lot about Leo season from Leo’s ruler: The Sun. ☀️  The Sun provides light for life, everyday. It doesn’t ask to show up and it doesn’t wonder if it’s worthy of showing up - it just does. & even when it’s gone, you can still see it’s reflection on the moon.

This season is all about giving yourself permission to show up. Do the things you say you want to do. Make the contribution. Show up for yourself, for your friends, for your goals, or your community. Just show up somehow, someway. It will come natural this season!

Leo gets a rep for being the self-obsessed sign, but many people misunderstand Leo’s. Yes they love themselves, and yes that can move into vanity, but at the core Leo’s want everyone to shine. They want to hype others up as much as they receive the hype.

Everyone will feel the presence this Leo season, especially starting on Saturday the 27th as Venus also enters Leo. On the 27th, we will have the Sun, Mars, and Venus all in Leo - this will bring a bold welcome to Leo season as the Cancer energy will take a backseat.

Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, and Scorpio may be extra attuned to this entrance into Leo season, but overall we will all be feeling the heat.

So if you’ve been wanting to update your instagram, get on stage, or just love the hell out of yourself , now is the time!

It’s time to show up and glow up🌟

Happy Leo Season! ♌️🦁

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