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Julia is known for the bridges she builds between intuition and reality. Through Astrology, Yoga, & Intuitive Guidance she carves words and maps that help people to realign, reconnect, and reimagine their lives. By blending spiritual curiosity, education, and humor - Julia invites others to step deeper into the world, realities, and communities around them.

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My Story

Certified Yoga Teacher - Astrologer - Podcaster

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Intuition has guided me down this path that I call home.

I grew up in a small town in Cincinnati, Ohio. Today I live in Los Angeles, California. My path to California has always been calling, but it hasn’t been a straight line.

I went to Kent State University and studied Entrepreneurship, Technology, and English. In college, I started companies, hosted a comedy show, and was a student leader. I graduated in 3 years with my Bachelor’s degree in Integrative studies and my sight set on my next journey - to travel.

I spent two years backpacking alone through South East Asia and Europe. I’ve been to 13 different countries, gathering friendships, stories, and experiences along the way that reconnected me with that part of myself that felt called to something deeper - my intuition.

Returning to the United States as a college graduate spurred the next chapter of my life, one that I didn’t plan for: surviving depression.
I danced with the dark and found myself in a place where I had two options: continue into the dark, or look for the light.

The light called.

Over the past few years, I have dedicated myself to my own healing - spiritual, mental, physical, and metaphysical. This healing has led me to become an Astrologist, Certified Yoga Teacher, and Intuitive Coach.

I now live and breathe spiritual guidance.

I believe that intuition and alignment can guide us to our highest purpose, whether you’re starting a business, running one, graduating from college, or just feeling lost - realignment is the process of doing the deep work to analyze your path, goals, and blocks along the way.

I’m here to take my healing and experiences from my own journey to help you along yours

Physical, Mental, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Alignment guides me, so that I can guide you.

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